Sausages in natural casings. Nothing more natural!

Modern consumers value classic, tried and tested food products of clear origin, honestly manufactured with natural ingredients and natural packaging.

Such is the case with sausages in natural casings, the most natural casing packaging for sausages, which have been around for millenia. Quality sausages in natural casings form part of the dietry trends of the “Nature Generation”, because you cannot improve on nature. “Nature´s best” also applies to buying sausages: “Nature. What else? Naturally!”

Sausages in natural casings are natural

Do you know a better skin than the natural one? Probably not, because you cannot improve on nature. Natural casings are the oldest “packaging” for sausages. And the best. Even though artificial casings have now been developed for sausage manufacturing, many manufacturers make a conscious choice to use natural casings specifically for their top quality products, as they refine the taste of the sausage products and improve them in every respect.

Two woman with barbeque sausages

Sausages in natural casings are delicious

German and international sausage specialities range from hearty and substantial to delicate and sophisticated. Sausages made according to classical and traditional recipes are nearly always in a natural sheep, hog or beef casing. For this reason, these quite special types of sausages are considered to be delicacies among connoisseurs as a delicatessen product and are very much sought after among gourmets. Because tradition ties in with nature, natural casings encase these kinds of quality sausages and refine them into absolute delicacies.

Sausages in natural casings are top quality

Trends in sausage products change – the demand for quality stays the same. Natural, great taste is timeless, and natural casings have made a “crisp” contribution to this for ages. Among modern consumers, sausages in natural casings are considered as traditional, width high quality craftsmanship. And as natural! The best quality sausages in natural casings fulfil the sophisticated demands modern consumers place on “natural” foods.

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Sausages in natural casings are trendy

In the same way as modern consumers express their lifestyle through their clothes or the way they furnish their homes, food also increasingly reflects their individual identity. The trend is moving towards the traditional, towards high quality. And nothing is more important than the relationship with “nature”. Sausages in natural casings form part of the food trends of Generation Nature, because what is natural is in great demand, and the proven quality of yesteryear is undergoing a major renaissance in foodstuffs.

Generation nature

Generation nature

Trend of Nature Generation: Only nature. What else? Naturally!

Natural skin

Natural skin

Do you know a better skin than the natural one?

Craft quality

Craft quality

Natural casing products in serial quality craftmanship.

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